Our Philosophy

We believe that practical, human-centered solutions are the key to implementing digital transformations. We are visionary leaders who leverage our insight and expertise to guide your business forward — keeping your organizational needs center stage every step of the way. The roadmap for the Altum journey has been strategically designed to lead you towards increased efficiency, better business outcomes, and a seamless digital transformation.

Our Values


We are committed to you. We show up consistently and communicate with courage, emotional intelligence and openness, ensuring a level of accessibility that makes you feel confident.


We are thought leaders in digital transformation, leveraging experience and insight to move your business forward quickly and cost-effectively without undue pain or friction.


People are at the heart of everything we do. From the executive suite to the customer’s desktop, every decision is value and data-driven to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our History

Nichole Thompson founded Altum Solutions to help people and organizations adapt to and thrive in a fast-paced digital age. Fueled by strategic partnerships, what started as a “one-woman show” became a global concern leveraging some of the industry’s top talent. Altum Solutions has since made its mark in the United States and subsequently expanded into the United Kingdom and Mexico. Altum remains committed to insightful innovation with a proprietary software application slated to launch in 2023.